Set Blueprint not working

Good afternoon,

While using the latest EAH Full. I am not able to use Set Blueprint feature. The prompt that would normally come up to allow editing of the factory/ completing of blueprints does not come up. I am not greeted with an error or anything either. All other functionality seems to work fine with the tool except this.


I just checked and it seems to work normal. You need to make sure thought that at least one resource is already in the players factory. Otherwise it will not work.

Did you get any error on the bottom und last messages?

Hey Jascha thanks for the response. I figured it out I was trying to edit the factory/blueprint while a player was offline. It seems the player must be online in order for this to function. I could have sworn I did it before while a player was offline. Is that possible?

It should also work if he is offline. But honestly I did not check that for long. Maybe something changed. I try to look into that the next days.
Thanks for the notice

I am also noticing now that even if the player is online sometimes it will not work properly either. The blueprint/factory screen comes up when they are online however the option to Finish Blueprint is always grey.

I also confirmed I am on the latest version of EAH V1.53.2.0

And they had resources in there before?
because if they never used the blueprint library, or lets say, have no resources left at all the function does not work.

Yes I will upload some screenshots.
So to summarize the two issues I am experiencing.

  1. When a player is not online you cannot access their Blueprint/Factory information.
  2. When a play is online I am only able to edit their resources currently in the Blueprint/Factory but not click on the ‘Finish Blueprint’ button.

I also noticed that some things are missing from the factory in regards to what an admin can edit. For example I cannot add Large Optronic Bridges and a few other materials to a player’s factory.

Here is a screenshot example of when a player is online.

In this screenshot I have selected myself and tried to edit my own factory. I am currently logged in. I have a CV that I built in creative which is currently in my factory now that I am adding resources towards. However I am unable to complete the blueprint in EAH. Also I do not see the other resources showing such as the Bridges, Matrices, etc.


yes not all, but only some default ressources can be edited at the moment.

If the checkbox to complete is greyed out it means that (according to what the game sends us) the blueprint was not started yet (only then it is possible). If you did start it, then I guess there is a new game bug and I have to see how I can reproduce it.