Set neutral to all factions


I was wondering if it is possible to set all traders as allies to each other or at least -neutral- from the start… to go to Neptune is suicide with a starter CV.

If you search a bit in the forum you can read the reason why we switched it to the current system. At the beginning it was like you requested but this was even worse.

Summary: make sure to request an alliance to all factions in your Origin.
It is better than having the alliance from the start, trusting him blindly, landing near a faction member and as soon as you sleep he revoke the alliance and you are dead.

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Is there a way to mod this?
Going from alliance to neutral with 24 hours notification period and Neutral to Hostile with another 24 hours period.


Sounds like good content for a new feature request for cool-downs on alliance changes…

This is sadly not possible yet

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