Shall we play a game?

I would like to start a weekly event schedule.

Here’s the basic Idea.

Each week a mission will be outlined. The Start and end will be clearly defined. The rules of engament will be posted. We will pick sides and the game will begin.

Here’s an example Script

Spy’s have intercepted information that the Freeport Cargo ship HALAS will leave Mars heading to the moon to pickup a shipment of Satherium. All they know is it willl be escorted by several Alliance SVs.


  1. Halas Cargo ship captain and first officer and gunner
  2. Alliance Escort SVs - Specific SV TBD
  3. Rebel/Pirate Fleet - Specific SV TBD

Rules of engagement:

  1. No loot will be in the cargo hold until Halas lands on the moon. (Obviously you don’t want to take down the cargo ship until it gets the loot, but you can if you want. )
  2. Halas may abort the mission if no chance of reaching the moon is possible.
  3. Engagement is only allowed in space between the moon and mars. (Let’s just pretend there is a nice fat base on the moon where halas can land.) We could make one and remove #3
  4. Pirates may flee.
  5. Alliance escorts fights to the death.
  6. A team captain will be assigned on each side to ensure the proper ship is being used.

Victory Conditions:

  1. Alliance: Halas makes it to the moon and back to mars with the cargo.
  2. Pirates: Halas and all SVs are disabled or the cargo has been taken and the pirates escape.

Special Considerations:
-If the Cargo Box is destroyed on Halas basically both sides lose, but the fight can continue.

Perhaps the admin could jail anyone that breaks the rules for a short time.

There are obvious issues, but I’m sure we can come up with solutions.
-both side have to have different colored SVs. Designs could be made and posted to the workshop.
-We could require a certain SV for each side. like it’s nascar or something. Nobody likes playing paintball with a rental, but it’s fair.

I was thinking about this today and I think it would be crazy fun.


NA / FPT (Freeport Traders)

Ready when you are :smiley:


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That is really great Statler! Also thanks again to @MDA for the cool event on EU. Basically it would be cool if you just create such events and let us know so we can announce it. Will keep the game fun.
We want to make special server events but we were sadly very busy latley. We really plan for 3.0 more of this :slight_smile:


If I can get commitments from 5-10 people to participate weekly we can start writing up some events and assign roles.

Yes, let’s do this and the more in the future. :slight_smile:

Would be interesting, I’d go for it :slight_smile: