Sharing of the HWS config

Hi @RexXxuS,

I’ve wondered this but never really asked before.

I’m a R&D guy. I like making ships and putting them through the test. I’m really bad at it, but what really has helped me hone by skills is the HWS config,

TAW has the HWS config, how many other factions have been afforded this opportunity?

I’ve left TAW (disclaimer), but this has me wondering how even the PvP playfield is ever really even if TAW has something that is unavailable to anyone else? Has there been an unfair advantage all along?

I could dork around with my private server with the EMP admin helper all day long to get EWS along with things like the 10% block, but to be able to load up the HWS config as an ini file that was given to me - that is an advantage!

So, as a person who may be starting their own faction - how to I get the same PvP advantage that TAW has?


By now almost every large PvP Faction has my HWS config.
They just have to ask me to get one.

However I give the config only to players I would trust (as good as I can).

I found out that one other server for example grabbed a lot from my config without asking for permission.
Only because one guy shared it freely in discord.
That is the moment he is permanently banned on HWS.

Especially with Alpha 10 I have to rework the whole config. That will take easily 1 week.

Yes Eleon is implementing more and more from me (EWS will be vanilla soon) but until then I don’t want to gift hundreds of hours to other server owner. Especially if some of them are filled and blinded by envy and hate anyways.

I can’t answer that.

So, if I’m starting a new faction, how do I get the HWS config which players you trust get?

BTW giving your configuration to players you trust and noone else gives them a CLEAR advantage.

There is nowhere on the HWS forums that I see that says, should I want the HWS config files, to go here… nothing at all. HWS forums has a guide for everything, where is this?!?

You ask me.

Not new players for sure. It’s up to me and doesn’t need more words.

Wrong, because you assume I don’t trust many players.

Oh there is. But it would require from you that you actually search and read…

I’ll ask again. WHERE is it advertised that if I am participating in PvP on HWS that I can get the HWS configration files?

If another PvP faction has it, and others don’t, isn’t that a CLEAR advantage?

If so, why is not is CLEARLY offered up publicly to each and every PvP faction on HWS?

It is NOT. So why is it given out AT ALL?

I’m talking the configuration FILES themselves, not the EWS spreadseet. I know you give out the latter. Tell me to actually search again.

I haven’t seen a reply in a while, so, I searched again, even though I was insulted by you telling me to do so because I had done it before.

I could not find where to find the HWS configuration files that were given to TAW. I asked other major PvP factions, and they don’t have it.

Where is it again?

What if a new PvP faction were just starting here? Would they start at a disadvantage too?

It’s all laid out in a spreadsheet, sure, but if you’re giving it out privately and not freely, noone can start here without being at a disadvantage, right?

I repeat one last time: it can be requested by anyone who is interested in it.

The HWS Config includes PvE and PvP changes. Your first wrong assumption that it only covers PvP gameplay.
Second it’s clearly written that everyone who is interested in it, can contact me.

The EWS is a sub-module of the HWS Config. You mix up two things. The guide only mentions the HWS Config, not the EWS of course.

That makes no sense at all.
By your logic it would be even unfair that someone has the “knowledge” to build a PvP ship and we don’t mention in the guide how to built that ship the exact way.

So again: if someone is looking for a full flegded HWS experience he can contact me any time. That is a generous offer I make. (and many made use of it already)
It’s my right to deal with my Intellectual Property what I think is right. Period.

The HWS Config is also free and visible ingame (pressing F3 for example and hover over items to see the changed stats)

Overall I don’t like your tone here @imtimex. I know your vendetta against TAW is driving you here and that has no place in a public discussion but rather deal it with @TheState or whoever in a PM.
On the subject I said everything I could. Nobody is in a disadvantage if they read the guide and enjoy playing on HWS.

Mhm. Again I’ll ask. Where do you advertise that you will give out the HWS configuration FILES as you have done privately with various PvP factions? Do they all know about this? The answer is a definite NO.

I’m glad we’ve had this chat. How can you better document a faction’s capability to get access to these files? If any faction can get it, why not throw it up on pastebin regularly??



  1. Every player made a kind of “contract” with me to not share it in the public. That way if he does, he is perma banned.

  2. Obviously because I have too many haters / envy guys out there who would make a profit out of my hard work without even asking. As done already couple of times.

Thank you for the insight!

I do feel that information is power, and you withhold information by default from new factions, you are disabling them and empowering others, thus by yourself creating a meta in which the HWS configuration does not even matter!

By default, here, less informed groups are much less powerful, and handing out a configuration file is a pretty big deal.

That however is my opinion, and I both respect you reasons and appreciate you answering
my queries honestly.

That is wrong… or at least needs more insights to explain.

  1. Even if they get the Config for free to download. It requires from you renaming a file. Putting it in the right direction and know how to apply it on the server / game properly.
    That information is “withhold” by default from the game, not by me.

  2. As I said already, the information is freely accessible on the HWS server. Basically I could get rid of sharing my config all together and say: test your ships your own on the server.
    But everyone who is interested can make use of my offer.

  3. Again, by your logic I also withhold the information of OCD. Of Commodity Trader. Of EGS Stealth. Of EGS Recylcing. And all major features which are even more powerful than the HWS Config.
    Why? Because they actively have to show interest. They have to login to HWS Connect (also withholding and disabling?). They have to read the Guide.

Ok! Thanks Buddy!

Wow. didn’t know we could even “ask” for it. since it is Intelectual Property.

That’s how ABN has been testing their ships. No wonder TAW “always” had an advantage. Thank IMtimex

I can understand you not knowing though. I mean your only been on the server a few weeks now right Venom? :smile:


Every bit of this post feels like a deliberate attempt to spread chaos and contempt for the HWS server and its admins. Shame. We all know better, IF WE CARE ABOUT THE SERVER HEALTH, to take these questions and concerns to private channels. Anger, grief, and regret make us shameful. You are better than this. I will miss you buddy.


Let’s leave Saul alone, he must be having another identity crisis.

But on topic, I understand Rex’s position on not openly sharing the config. There is a ridiculous amount of time there changing and testing, and for some other asshat to take advantage of it without putting in the time is a crappy move. It’s comparable to taking your best PvP ship and openly giving it to all new players just because it’s a good design. Next thing you know it’s the newest addition on the steam workshop to be proliferated for all players to use.

Now how much time did you put into it?