Shield regen time way too short

When shields were introduced to the game it got really boring, boring becouse hardly no damage to can be coused if you play smart. Then i saw marius talking about it too at the discord and started to think solution to it. I suggest you keep the shields “capasity” same as now but you make the regen times waaaaay longer. Something like it takes atleast 1 minute to start regen it and after that 1 minute per regen tick or something. Then its way harder to jump back and forth to battle and regen. Now its just too easy.


Hmm… such topic came not up the last season where we had 3 month incredible fast regen times.
Look at the comparison of last season and now…

It’s a huge difference already and maybe you can merge this to the #hws-community:hws-voting category to get a quick community feedback?

i feel the recharge time is much better than last season. but the comment of:

needs a little clarification. are you saying smarter players should be nerfed because of there willingness to evolve? i say try to come up with strategies that will defeat the enemy. there are plenty of ways around how others play. find what works for you.

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It was mentioned with meaning that if both parties know what they are doing, fights with shields turn out incredibly boring. There is no way to consistently counter atmosphere jumping and escaping in general.

totally agree. however atmo hopping will happen regardless of shields. this is a dirty tactic. plain and simple.

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Shields make it worse. Without them you can very slowly accumulate damage on enemy who is trying to run. With them it’s negated by regen. Ship repairs are much more costly than pentaxid use for regenerating.

just a thought, making the pentax drain much greater for charging shields would also help a little in that aspect.

Increasing cost won’t help as long as there is inflated economy where big factions can get more resources than they can spend. There was an experiment long time ago with increasing ammo cost, it didn’t work and was reverted.

With the shield balance as it is I would of hoped to of seen more players venturing in to pvp zones increasing the opportunity for us pvp’rs to find some fun action it’s still not always the case but to reduce or remove shields won’t help either, players will still run rather than fight or warp out at the first chance but with shields as they are players may still enter pvp to explore giving us pirates the fun of the chase


the main PVP imbalance i have seen since i started playing seems to mainly be the lack of knowledge/skill of what PVP zones are intended for. i will admit i was very frustrated with PVP in empyrion when i was first introduced. the broken lag shot was my biggest gripe. but i found ways around it. now that i am in an PVP faction i have learned these players are not looking to just stomp the competition, we are just looking for battles. it is not our fault that most flee when they see someone coming after them in PVP zones. the point of PVP is that nothing is safe. shields are an attempt at allowing PVE players the ability to take a few more shots as they flee. with every new feature we will have those that will abuse it by dancing on the line of fair play. it’s in our nature to “fight the power” and try to push the bar. nothing is ever set in stone. shields need tweaking so does our gameplay.


100% agree with Ping here. Make sense. These shields and carbon blocks just kill true pvp. I would say just remove them sense i don’t think they have a place in pvp. That stuff to me is just godmode blocks and shields.

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