Ship and all item vanished

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What happened:
=> Me and my friend got kicked off Earth X for not having enough rep, had no idea that was a thing didnt see a warning then our ship just vanished and we relogged and it was still gone and we kept dying from being in outer space with no ship and our only option was to keep spawning and dying or start all over

Player(s) with issue:
=> Pork N’ Beans, CPT Rex

Time (cb:time):
10:00pm mountain time in Canada
Eden/ Earth X/ Space
Structure Name(s):
im a piece of shit
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now:
=> Help me get my stuff back? or something lol im not sure what you can do but i had all my stuff on that ship cuz we were looking for a planet to live on

Are you ingame now?
Also, need ship id.

im in game i finally got the ship after dying 100 times but i still lost all my items that were on me and i had a lot so did my friend CPT Rex

Weeel… rule nr 1. Never travel arround with all stuff on you.
2. Always check each planet before entering, hit the m key.

I can not give back what you lost, but if you are in need of importent stuff to survive i can help you. Only rexx or jash can replace backpack.

Can come ingame now with som stuff if you need.

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It’s mentioned in the Guide

So only the backback is missing for now?
I restored yours for now.

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