Ship damaged in deep space but not by player/npc

key work… collision… for collisions to happen, momentum must be involved. We are talking about DOCKED vehicles with magnetic locking mechanism supposedly that are designed to keep an ship in place, wither moving/ warping, etc…

But the bugs on this collision aspect make it so that keeping a ship in a CV hangar will bounce around and destroy stuff inside the hangar. THAT is the real issue here… secondly, the ships moving on their one upon playfield change/log on/off.

Ya I never said it was supposed to happen. But the fact that it is indicates a strong correlation to the change in collision mechanic. Perhaps not causation, but certainly correlation. Perhaps our ships have been vibrating wildly the whole time everytime we log off. We log off, and its a giant metal variant of dirty dancing out in deep space. But up until now, these “collisions” didnt affect the cv, either in moving it or in damaging it.

I would like to suggest removing or disabling collision for this patch if that is possible. Just had a cargo box blow up in my face when i accessed with F. Didn’t have a vid/screen because I wasnt really expecting that!

That is a core game mechanic, not something Rex can enable/disable on a universe load.

Roger that

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