Ship Deleted in Ori orbit?

A bit confused by this:
Pregnant Squid 7718001 CV Ori Orbit -4204 17857 -4158 461 19702 true
Small Vessel (SV) 8341017 SV Ori Orbit -4182 17836 -4193 27 145 true
Small Vessel (SV) 6760002 HV Ori Orbit -4198 17853 -4170 274 987 true

Why are these listed as deleted?

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Please see your combat/intruder logs.

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So you’re saying the ship was found in deep space, cored, and left to be deleted?

I’m confused - if it were cored and stolen I’d not be surprised at all - but deleted? That is what confused me. If someone actually found an LBP ship, cored it and left it to be wiped that’s actually the best possible outcome.

It wasnt so far in space if I remember it right. Just 15k. If you core it then it will be wiped automatically after some hours.

25k in a relatively dead system. I’m not discounting that it got found - just surprised that it was cored and abandoned as that seems like a profoundly stupid thing to do to an afk ship that is 19.7k blocks and of a design that we have been offered real money for.

But hey if that’s what happened - that’s the best outcome we could have hoped for.

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Well as far as I can see it looks like it. But maybe ask the other party.


Thank you for the quick response. It’s very much appreciated.

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