Ship disappeard in front of my eyes

name: Tiny’s Shuttle III
id: 10807002
Last known location: on docking pad xxl behind my warp-ship west of our main bases.
How it happened: I stood on top of it and used P menu…
Relog did not fix it. Perhaps a playfield reboot will.

No error in log (so no reason to zip it):

24-14:19:04.140 -LOG- Connected to server [ConnRes]
24-14:19:04.144 -LOG- Starting Client game. Local player ***************/TinyDewDrop
24-14:19:07.173 -LOG- LogFlags = 0
24-14:19:07.191 -LOG- Loading playfield ‘Peacekeeper HQ’
24-14:19:07.793 -LOG- Playfield ‘Peacekeeper HQ’ with seed 7 loaded.

lately ships disappearing… we can’t reproduce this so we can’t do much about it.
Only sending it to the devs

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