Ship disappered during CSW

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CSWed fron NA to EU, arrived to EU with no ships. Imediatly shipless cswed back to NA, no ships there so shipless cswed back to EU and went to forum.
TIME (cb:time):
Elfias VWing 2 3125942 COPY Cross Server Warp -646 255 8720 0 7202 1 False 0 0 00:23 253 3076 True

SCP Minnith 3125945 COPY Cross Server Warp -654 236 8708 2 5592 1 False 1857 0 00:23 138 2108 True

Elfias’ Angry Dropship 3125944 COPY Cross Server Warp -646 226 8700 0 11070 2 True 40115 0 00:07 171 4576 True

X-7 | 8m Elfias 3125943 COPY Cross Server Warp -644 235 8706 6 6960 1 False 17332 0 00:08 146 1534 True

Elfias VWing 1 3125946 COPY Cross Server Warp -627 240 8711 0 7269 1 False 2764 0 00:23 252 3075 True

Its quite similar like Gareth’s ships, Loke’s ships. Please restore them on EU CSW where im curently floating abandoned in void.

Thank you.

P.S: If it might help to uncover reasons for that…few hours earlier i shipless cswed to NA to change origin to Freelancer there because of Alliance rep gain is not working there for me. I cb:reseted, get out of starter etc, at the end i shipless cswed to EU, took my ships and returned to NA as freelancer. Visited ECC etc and on my way to EU this happend.

UPDATED info in a new post at bottom

Im on it, then ill read what you wrote few times to understand it and remeber, thank you Rexxx and sorry, its that common reaction, oh ships got forgoten there so you jump around like idiot trying to find them.

ok i dig what you saying. Waiting on NA CSW. Tell me please if I have to be online or not for you to restore ships, ill pin it on our Discord too.

Safely arrived to EU, thank you for fast response and help

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Ok @Elfias after some CSW problems today I analyzed it with master @Jascha and please spread it to your CSW guys:

  1. In the Loke / gareth case it was a coincident that at that time we made a structure backup (every hour) which blocked CSW

  2. In YOUR case it was the overall high load of the EU server. Your zip (with your ships and your player information) was 1,2mb big. That is for CSW very big. So the tool needed more time for that to load the playfield AND add your content to it. Maybe it would have worked if you waited even longer instead of csw shipless to NA but overall we try to improve that big CSW jumps now.
    Just for your information.

  3. so you don’t have to jump back to the goal server. You can stay in the destination server. That was not accurate from me.

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Ok posted into our Library chanel. Thank you!

Yep i was jumping fully armed with 3 SVs in pocket, and HV. If i understand correctly better is to go light.

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