Ship floating in air and gone from registery

Server EU
Planet Guardian Starter

Hi, i’m not sure how this happend but my cv(“Escape”) and hv(“Mine”) are not mine anymore. I don’t have ship ID because they are both gone from registry, and that cant be from personal wipe because i only Fresh Started on the weekend sometime so can’t be that, maybe it has to do with the update ticks being set to 1min instead of 15 so the 7 day thing got reduced to half a day? me guessing but i’m not sure.

Anyways any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Hey, I still see them under your name.
Do you see them in Game? Not in registry but literally? Or did they just disappear?

Yea i see them now floating above me in mid air

You tried the proper command getshipdown?

hm maybe relog. The Game still believes you are the owner

Sorry im being retarded I didnt have show private thing click on the right -_- sorry for wasting your time.

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