Ship fused with another ship

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

My SV has halfway sticking out of someone else’s SV:
FRI 11/3 O2:15-ish (cb:time):
Freelancer HQ:
Mayflower One:

I flew down to our faction based called TheDeck and landed my ship, Mayflower One. I noticed that things were not generating correctly (our base was showing terrain still in the area that should not have been there). I re-logged, and when I came back I see that I had apparently landed my ship in a spot where another SV was already parked. So now they are fused together. I tried the command “cb:getshiphere:3093852”, but it did not work. It told me the ship had been moved, but it had not.

Tried to warp it.
Let us know if it worked.

Registry says it is on the moon now. I’ll go retrieve it, and if I have any other issues I’ll let you know. Appreciate the help!