Ship gone, no entries for it in hws connect

Hello. I have been playing this server for some weeks now. I have read 4.0 and 5.0 guides but it is unclear to me if the hws connect system is working well or not.
We’re a small faction of 5 players (USS, guardian). Put a small base in lua orbit (more than 30.000km away from the planet).
I log on today and see nothing there. I accessed structure commander and intruder log, but can’t find anything about it. My CV was named ‘LeCube’, it was next to the small base and another CV. How do I know if it was raided or not? It should appear somewhere…
Is there any bug that lets players locate a base anywhere in the orbit?
Lastly, a question about the structure commander… There are some old ships marked as deleted. Is that deleted by wipes? There is one HV in lua orbit that doesn’t seem ok for deletion. Also, a time/date of deletion would help a lot.
Hover Vessel (HV) 229006 HV Lua Orbit xxx xxx xxx 33 161 true
Should there appear ships you lost in combat also?
Thanks you and keep your great work!.

Le cube was roughly 23km out, next to a base made of concrete and another CV holding two other vessels. The structures were raided. Concrete blocks may still be in the system (not sure of playfield removal time). It is odd that the only thing in my intruder log is uss rotary.

I believe any entry listed as deleted is based on the item being cored, whether by a player, removal due to inactivity, or system wipe.

Thanks for the prompt reply, Samellas.
Ok so it was +20km, not +30km, my mistake. This is my first CV lost to pvp so I didn’t know what to expect in the logs. But definitely is not working right if it is also missing in your logs.
Lastly, in order to keep playing in this server, coul you tell us if people simply scout all the orbit this far, or was player error? (i.e. remove a ship’s core, or just followed a sv of the junior members).
Thanks a lot.

I just happened to run into the stuff when going out to park in Lua orbit. People will patrol through systems looking for structures to raid; I was visited twice while trying to multitool everything. General consensus is to get farther than 50k out when logging in PvP space. The other ways to stay safe, I’ll let you determine :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!

BTW, it would be nice of you to close the post after this; so, rex/jascha don’t have to sift through this post.

I’d like them to read about the missing data in the logs. Still, I’m trying to find how to close the thread .D this forum is weird.

Hey. Sorry for the late reply. and tro late to check logs now :frowning:
But the last days we were quite busy with real life.

The intruder Log just captures everything in a range of mabye 200 meter. So its just a help but not allways the solution to find the problem.

But there is also a bug out that costs very seldom a ship. Devs found it due to another player speaking about it. There it looked the same way. No intruder, but ship gone. Hope it was not the same. Sadly our logs just stay 2 days.

We will keep an eye on this though

Good day dear Administration! We need your help: our ship (its name is Diabolo) is gone from Pirates Outpost

Your own people moved it and i guess changed the faction

ty Jasha, can you say to me who did it?

hey Adms) our ship (Zadira) is gone from Pluto orbit(( help us pls

Please put this in your own thread, in the get support section.

LOST two ships. One on the Pluto orbit name - Zadira. Another one lost 5 minutes ago on Pirate planet starter! Land on planet go on SV for minning. When return ship is goan! Name of second ship - Mule

“Ship lost” message can come often now.
We won’t answer if they are removed due rule break.

But here is an example:
30.12.2016 17:23:49 SERVER Server @ Faction SWP: You were warned. A random CV on Pirate Starter was taken.

Keep rule 4.1 in mind!

1 CV + BA per player OR faction on starter planets + outpost