Ship is qliching

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What happened: i loged on hws na in the dead zone space and was looking for my Explorer | 8m (OP4) but i found it then it did this . and it has changed name on make but on regestry it the same

Player(s) with issue: chief engineer


**Time (cb:time):**18:10

**Playfield:**the dead zone


**Structure Name(s):**21533903

**Structure ID(s):**Explorer | 8m (OP4)

**How can we help you now:**can you get it back so i can use it agin plz thank you for your time.

in our logs it’s still active.
Try to relog + restart your game please. Sometimes just a visual glitch

ok i re loge and restarted my pc and the qlich is still happening


I “restored” it.

Next time you can fix it by yourself.

undock <id of invisible ship>

It was docked > you jumped to space > got ejected.
Something went wrong in the game code then.

Pick it up here


thank you rex

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