Ship lost in CSW

My faction Mate Rommel lost a ship in CSW from EU to SAN

Rommel 5298566

this should be the id but we are not sure there are multiple ids called Rommel it vas a Garage drill

I restored that SV in EU CSW orbit. Please pick it up with csw shipless for example.

And please always make sure your ships are docked + you don’t fly while doing csw:start + wait after you logged in on the other server.

Thx Rexx by the way he warped back and the SV is the good one


THe other SV he had in the hangar disappeared in CSW from SAN to EU

Ypsilon 1448875


It shows still active on Sanctuary

but i cant see it in the registry

rant to wait until server reset?

Ship lost in CSW going from SAN to EU

JugPossum (CV) and JugBat (SV), helpfully, my HV made it through…

IDS: 4173334 and 1164329

Strange. I restored it in Sanctuary again.

Next time please create a new post for your problem to not mix things up.

I can’t find your provided IDs on Sanctuary. Did you mean another server maybe?

we have a ship lost on csw warp SAN->EU the ship name is Ägir II

Hey, please create your own post with more details.

But I see your Ägir is anyhow back again