Ship Lost in Space in a Potential Corrupt Area


My Ship Junk Heap 1156146 CV Comet7 Trail show that it’s not deleted.

When I log in the game after the update it took a long time for me to connect. When I finally connected it put me in Freelancer Planet. I checked API log and structure commander and all look good. No visit, ship still alive.

I killed myself to use the Jump to Home Option. It puts me back on Freelancer Starter. Any chance you could move my ship to starter planet . After we wipe. I will then log on, get in it and move away from the PVE area.

I hope it’s possible. If not , OCD will come to rescue, but I would prefer not. lol.

I should add that when it put me on Freelancer planet it warned me that it had done this because I logged in a corrupted area.


hmm this is diffficult since this will open a lot of “special cases” again.

“I just wanted to check something in starter, can you…”
“I forgot something on starter, can you…”
"On starter there was an accident, I have to check, can you…"
You know?

We would only do this in really really edge cases.

About the corrupt area this is new to me. What message and where? In chat or as a popup? Maybe you have a lucky screenshot of it?


Sadly I dont have a screen shot.

I will build a cheap CV and try to get their. If the area is corrupted I should be getting another error :slight_smile:

Just dont put me in Jail though when I am on starter planet. :slight_smile: I will be their just long enough to “Pop” a CV.

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