Ship Lost in Space

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What happened:
=> On our warp from Binome to Triton System, where our base actually is, we hat 4 SV attached to our CV on teh outide. 3 of them were the cave reward ships, one small fighter.
As we came into our base and tried parking the vessels into our docks we got to know that one of the reward ships was lost.
We managed to track it down via HWS Structure Manager, but it wasn´t there.
Tried it several times, but the coordinates changed immediately, all the time.
We also tried to get it to us via Structure Manager (getshiphere) but it told us to be in range of 200m, which we never aquired. It seems to be invisible also.
We would like to have it back, bc you can only spawn it once.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Smiley [ Muh ] ; Fynn


Time (cb:time):
=> ~ 20:15

=> Triton System

Structure Name(s):
=> Cave Reward Ship

Structure ID(s):
=> 11912829

How can we help you now:
=> Please get the ship back to us.

Edit: We found it. It was virtually docked to the cv in about 15km distance, so we fetched it with another ship.
Problem is solved

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yes this is a persistent bug that’s still running around. the in game registry can be a great help to waypoint ur ships when this happens.

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