Ship parking on wipe

I propose to add a ship parking service for wipe.

Unique ships are sold in the garage, but each player usually remakes them for themselves.
Remaking the same ship every season is not a very pleasant experience.
Why not add the ability to save the ship behind the HWS bullion with or without cargo / docked ships or tanks for save on wipe server time.
And get them back after wipe.
Something like EGS Stealth.
To prevent imbalance, the ships could only be picked up a few days after the start of the season.


I like this idea except for the fact the garage ships are great credit sinks. As you would originally have to buy the ship again anyhow i would suggest making the owner pay for the ship again, while retaining all those customisations. This way we still have the credit sink but also the time saved remodeling the garage ship.

Why not.
For example, a ship costs 20 million, to save it will require 150% or 200% (30 or 40 million).
This removes money from the game better than buying a new ship, and the player is comfortable.

good idea i like it, mb saved ships with all loot in :slight_smile:

i would pay more than the original cost to keep from having to repurchace and refit over and over. time truly is the biggest commodity after all…

This is a critical suggestion.
Sometimes Eleon changes blueprint format / blocks / stats etc.
That would mean you “park” a corrupt ship over to the next wipe.
We can’t check if corrupt or not.

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As far as I remember, they changed the designer, warp engine, added new boxes …
From the removal I remember only the device that produced hydrogen.

And in all these cases, it was more profitable to remove the old and install the updated version.
But even if some block becomes illegal, can it simply be deleted through a command from all ships in the database or not?

Could a clause be added that the ship may become corrupt over the update and if it does, they either get a regular ship, or they’re S.O.L?

I would say nay. A wipe is a wipe, we are fortunate enough for OCD and bank for our valuables, saving ships means more crap to go wrong between seasons, moaning when corruption occurs, bias because one ship was ok and a dozen others broken, etc.

Keep it simple.

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