Ship partially spawned

I am having some trouble with a cv i spawned in pluto orbit last night. When it spawned in, the cs blocks around the outside did not spawn with the rest of the ship. I thought it as a rendering issue but after some testing that is not the case. Also, whenever I log in in the same playfield as the ship, I get an internal error. This effect persisted after uninstalling and reinstalling the game as well as other restarting procedures. Please help.

Do a quick test, fly up to is and try to break something in the middle of that empty space with a multitool. If it throws that error again, send the bp to rex and jascha. We have seen the exact thing. Can I assume that you used a lot of 6 way connector blocks?

Multi-tool didnt get a response, it appears to be empty space. What’s more strange, some of the individual blocks are only partially rendered and I am able to move through them. I’m not dure what you mean by 6-way connector blocks, but the only shapes used in the missing part are wedges, corners, and cylinders.

Probably way too many polygons - but it’s odd given how small your ship is. Can you replicate this by spawning it a bunch in creative?

If you can, send the BP to the devs.

The six way connector blocks are the cylinder junction blocks, very high triangle count, but have a lot of visible faces.
The thing is, loads of them make chunks of your ship disappear for apparently no reason.
About the sides of blocks not rendering, that frequently can be seen at the edge of the building area on bases or ships, it renders all but one face, the side away from the core, that is outside of range. Normally when you see it on ships though, it is just visual, you bounce of an invisible field where the hull is.
Very peculiar. It may be possible for the admins to delete that and refund cost of it, if you send em bp and can replicate it being broken.

This happens with enough of any high polygon count blocks - it’s one of the reasons I started using alternating slops instead of concave corners.

It’s best to just use a few layers of white space blocks to wrap your critical areas but stick to solid blocks for the majority of the ship hull.

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Thanks for the help, i have spawned it in creative single player as well as in a private test server with no issues. How do i send a bp to admins/devs?

IF you cant reproduce it this may be a different bug from what it appears. There have been several people saying a bp spawned partially, my best guess is a read error from the bp file. That would be exceedingly difficult to replicate unfortunately. Only thing you could do is try and catch the error on film then send that and the bp/logs to devs
The thing that is throwing me is the playfield error. Is there anyone else on that playfield that can see if it errors everyone all at once? or perhaps it is just your game loading.
Mostly spitballing here.

IN creative - Open debug menu by pressing tilde (~) and typing “di” into the menu that pops up.

Spawn the blurprint and then re-open the debug console (~) and record the error that is given. It will annotate what the error is in that particular screen once you spawn the ship.

Most likely, judging just by what blocks I can see on the inside of the ship near the “skin” I see many “curved” surfaces from using cylinders and half spheres, etc. the error you’re going to receive from spawning the ship with debug up is “Array Index out of Range” which means you have way too many polygons with this vessel. What you can do to combat this is A) start over. or B) go through with a block in hand on creative and right click all the way through the empty space on the ship.

What happens is after a certain polygon count is reached, every block spawned there-after will NOT be rendered. It will still physically be a part of the mesh on the ship and if you have a Unity reading machine you can load the bp into it and see the mesh for the de-rendered blocks. AFTER that threshold is passed (which appears to have happened since you said you can fly through portions of the ship) the blocks will not render at all, as the mesh count has been passed…

Can i get an admin response please?


as people suggested. If you want a fix please send us your blueprint file of the ship so we / the devs can look into it.
One ship related fix is already done and released tomorrow in the 5.1 patch.

In general this is a unity triangle / render limit problem.

Gladly, how do i send a bp file?

Go to your empyrion saves folder (steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Blueprints) and just zip your blueprint and drag and drop it in a PM to me

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