Ship (Raider) dissapeared

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What happened:
Fixed: Moving the ship apparently removed it from structure commander, which also made it impossible for Syras to do anything with it.

Seems like I’m not having any luck as of late, I got disconnected on GG and when I reconnected I got kicked out of my ship. I was able to move a couple of meters and got kicked again with the message that my EAC wasn’t working. I tried to reconnect several time with the same message for a while.
Not wanting to lose the raider I bought yesterday because (I suspect) Steam login acting weird, I asked Syras through Discord for help to move the ship to a safer place, He moved it to Alttain but this apparently made the ship dissapear.

Player(s) with issue:




Time (cb:time):



Golden Globe

Structure Name(s):

Raider X3 - Conflictx

Structure ID(s):


How can we help you now:

I’d like my precious mining ship back :slight_smile:

np friend im happy to help but not sure how the adm Command did not work to GG :thinking:

@RexXxuS i have move Conflictx’s ship to a safe place on Alttain and try to bring it back to GG it did not work and he want me to take him back to Alttain and we find his ship on Alttain but im not sure how the Command did not work to bring it to GG we are not sure on it :thinking:

How did this go? i am logging in now

its all good dQgnflua it went good in the end :smiley:

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FYI, when you are having EAC issues, don’t just keep trying to log in over and over. Restart your PC then try again (or kill the EAC process in task manager.)
EAC keeps running for a while after the kick, and until it stops running and restarts the issues usually persist.

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