Ship recycle suggestion

While I love the EGS recycle command very much, I think there should also be a ship recycle BA/CV block that works along the same lines as the repair block but deconstructs the ship over time rather than repairs. this would not be replacing the EGS recycle, lord no. I figure the recoverable block % is the “instant cost” of recycling on the spot. This would just be a an option to recover ALL blocks and the cost of time. Perhaps CV can only recycle SV/HV. Having the option of going to raw materials or blocks would be nice (T1 = materials only, T2 = choice.) Logistics can help it dump into input containers for other devices, ect…thoughts?


Sounds like an interesting idea to me. I wonder if it’s been suggested on the official forums or if it’s on a roadmap somewhere?

I wouldn’t mind having components returned too like the Deconstructor output.