Ship Repo'd with no Warnings or No Reason 1/12/2017

My ship was parked with all of our other CVs at our base this morning and I had no messages telling me that we had more than one faction ships and when I logged in later today my ship that I haven’t even got to use in combat was repo’d. I would like to know how to get it back under my control b4 the wipe here in 9 hours.

Where was your base?

On the Guardian starter planet.

The ship’s name is OMG BECKY & the ID is 8815006

And it was set to Faction?

Yes it was.

You wont get it back. Sorry, rules are rules, only 1 faction CV allowed on the starter. It is not the Admins fault your Faction didnt move it off starter for you.

Ships are only taken after you got at least 45 minutes warnings WHILE one of your faction members is online. Sinnicer was yesterday online and was warned about the ships. And you also got warnings days before.

PM me if you want them back and if they are so important.

Lol…obviously you knew what you were doing. Get your stuff out of starter planet.
I wouldn’t recover your ship if I were them so you think it better the next time…

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