Ship spawned from a BP disappeared seconds after spawn -> EDIT: Ship appeared on 0/0/0

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What happened:
I spawned a ship from a BP, sat in it, parked it, pressed f to leave, and it dissappeared
Player(s) with issue:
=> 123

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
Structure Name(s):
SV_shadow_1.0 (at least thats the BPs name, had no time to change anything) -> A ship with the same name was deconstructed a fgew hours earlier, thats why i built a new one from the BP
Structure ID(s):
As the ship doesnt not appear in the list, and completely vanished, i dont know its ID unfortunately
How can we help you now:
=> If possible I would like the ship back, but seeing it dissappeared so soon, no idea if thats possible

Additional notes: I tried relogging as advised in global chat, and after relogging there was a different ship on that spot from someone off my faction… a ship that was NOT visible, through which i walked multiple times through before that,

additional note 2: apparently another ship was also invisible and walk through before that, and i have parked another sv on that place. (Talk of luck, so many space, and i manage to end up twice in ships). Here however both ships still exist, but are parked into each other, see atatched picture:

Both invisble ships were docked

Last note: The ship appeared in the HWS list, its ID is

and it is on coords 0/0/0

I will get it there, please see this thread as a BUG report

Funny enough, after making a full round, all the docked ships from before became invisble again -> I believe when crossing the planet playfield border, those ships are somehow not loaded

Hello @Shadace

hmm… did you try to spawn it in a chunk (area) where already a lot of structures are?
The game is very poor at handling it then.

That is the current state of your ship:

Can you fly to these coordinates and check or do you need further help?

Overall it’s maybe related to docking. You can try some workaround of “undock ” next time.

Hi Rexxus, i was frequently updating this issue with new informations, probably while you were writing your answer. The ship problem is solved, but the bug stays -> docked ships become invisible after crossing the planet borderline

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If it’s reproducible I try to send it to Eleon. Thanks for the report!

thanks and sorry for the spam, i just did not expect any of what has happened after writing this ticket

No problem mate!

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