Ship stuck in mid air and not viewable

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What happened: logged in this lunch and ship is 5km across planet and when I fly to it cannot physically see it
Player(s) with issue: Dazednconfuzed
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 12:30GMT
Playfield: Alliance HQ
Structure Name(s): SV Warp Taxi
Structure ID(s): 6608213
How can we help you now: I have tried all the commandsa under the sun to move it and get control of it once more, if possible can you place it just above my base (so it falls onto it) or even in orbit in Alliance HQ or ECC wherever and Ill fly to it and get it docked and moved, thanks in advance !

the one command you didn’t try is typing “undock ID” into console … done, its behind your CV.

try that one first next time … :smiley:

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God Damn ! … I thought I was being good trying as much as I could as well …

Thanks anyway and have made a note of the command now in case of future needs :slight_smile:

hahah!! No worries, you keep trying mate :smile:

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