Ship stuck on Lucifer shield dome

I was trying to land on Lucifer but bumped shield dome on way down now part of ship is still stuck. I have deconstructed part of it but core, seat and few blocks are still stuck and every time I get close enough to deconstruct them it teleports me to planet surface. Now I also have a small craft stuck in lava also. Can An admin delete them please??

They will auto delete after a decay time bud, had the same prob last night with an HV in lava but with a quick dip in the hot stuff manage to get it out lol, tip for you tho if it has things in it u want, use the f5 drone u can get ur stuff and it won’t burn, also for the ship get it’s ID via structure commander or Do console command then attempt the CB:getshipdown:ships ID if you can get close enough

You could also just set em to public in registry, and blow it up

Thanks did not think of that.

I had a hover that sunk in lava.
I put the cv above it, leveled with ‘o’, then used the getshipdown command and it got beamed up to the CV roof. Then I just docked it and left.


I tried the ship down command but no joy even when I was close enough had to take the plunge again last night HV bugged out n went under lava, would have just left it but it was full of gold lol died 6 times in bids to save it, was about to give up but managed to free it on the last gasp. But confirmed all the more that I hate Lucifer lol. I’d say I was an adequate HV pilot but lucifer is not HV friendly lol

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