Ship Type Cannot be repaired

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What happened: I cant get past a Ship type cannot be repaired message when trying to repair my CV.
Player(s) with issue: ProdigalSon
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 10:30 am
Playfield: Peacekeeper East
Structure Name(s): Base, SST Dreadnought
Structure ID(s): 33301789, 38613612
How can we help you now: Provide some guidance or maybe see if there is some sort of issue? I have asked for help in chat and googled around. I’m really at a loss lol.

Hello @ProdigalSon

if you search this forum there were some issues regarding this.
Mainly because the ship was not perfectly horizontal aligned at the repair pad.

If you can provide couple of screenshots that would help at the first sight.

In the midst of taking Screenshots for you I noticed i was off of the center of the repair block by about half a block. When I moved the ship over to perfect center and tried the repair it worked. It didn’t fix all the blocks but i dint get the error and it seems i just need to add more resources.

Thank you for responding so quickly RexXxuS.

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Put landing pads on it, it will help at many things.

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