Ship warped without me Plz help a noob

I am stuck floating in space on orbit around Peacekeeper 1, I warped to Peacekeeper 4 and lost connection to the server. When I logged back on after being disconnected I was back in PeaceKeeper 1 floating on the edge of the system without my ships. My CVs name is Harvester and the SV docked to it is Harvest Runner. This happened about 7:30pm EST on the NA server. Peacekeeper 1 has a different name on the map in game I believe it is Adiona, I logged out of my character so I do not lose O2 and die.

Sorry, I am a noob just getting off starter planets, just read the support page, I don’t know if i have to start over now or what.

CV id: 6951249
SV id: 6863400

Warped you to your ships

Thank you sir, you are a life saver!