So, let me start with this: We ALL go to the workshop, pro builder, novice builder, pro player or novice player. However, just because you dont see a lot of names you usually see here on HWS behind the popular builds on the workshop does NOT mean that there arent any talented builders here on our favorite server. @RexXxuS is hard at work bringing us a new feature including an HWS Garage where we can sell ships, but it doesnt end there. If you like the prefab tier2, but want it to not die when it enters atmosphere on darkworld (lol), or you like the tier 3, but think it would look realy cool with the wings on the tier 4, but have no idea how to go about doing it. Here’s your solution:

We, in the HWS community can build ships, and I’ve spoken to a few in game, and I said I would post a spot we can all be tagged to show what we can do for our creations. Whether pirate, guardian, freelancer, hunter or trader, our styles are as unique as our gameplay, so just because a pirate smashed your last ship, doesnt mean that buying a ship from them would result in them having an easier go at it. Chances are the pirate knows how to build a better cargo ship than a trader.

So, here’s the post, if I can get builders that are wanting to get their services noticed, post up, and I’ll start a tag list. We can then start doing screenshots of ship designs, and hopefully we can get some community involvement for some truly amazing creations that are not just pretty like the workshop designers, but functional in the cold unforgiving space as well.

@Shadinaxx - Ship designer - PvP/PvE - CV - SV - HV - Triforce

PS: @Admins would it be possible to get a gallery available for shipbuilders so they can post a link to their pictures instead of cluttering up the thread with 100’s of screenshots that has to be scrolled past? We can always use our favorite 3rd party image hosting as well, but something “in house” would be ideal.