Ships lost

So this is my story.

I CSWed to Na from Sanctuary with 3 docked vessels, 1 HV, 2 SVs all docked, all ok. SV SV-6.0-V-Heavy-V5, X-7 | 8m Elfias and HV Load me up guys.
On NA i jumped to ECC > Peacekeeper East > Honore East
On Honore East I noticed ships are not onboard, but they came with me there, docked.
So i went to registry, waypointed them and saw them 4,45km away, seemed liek they undocked or something.
Tried to fly to them but when i turned they moved, after a minuted it was clear they are still docked but 4,5km away.
I reloged twice.
So i decided to jump, in hope those ships will be put back onboard, but that didnt happen.
Already a bit frustrated I warped through ECC to Crasswarp and CSWed to EU, full of hope they will be someho place all near me by CSW, that didnt happend and it seemed liek they stayed on NA or something, the was gone.
So i CSWed back to NA in hope they will be on CSW or Honore or somewhere, but they are gone, nowhere to be find.
This all happend areound 21:20-21:30

And thats what i like on Empyrion :slight_smile: Rexxx please help me, its 8mil ship, all my savings i put into that ship in hope ill get rich.

These? Not your real story but… all I got

Yes those two, why not real story, i just didnt include uniportant part, ships more important to me. Im guilty as charged.
Can you pelase port them to me or restore them somewhere and ill pick them up or something?

because you first said VWing… and they were deleted in CSW not in Honore.

hold on

Rexxx yes i changed when i saw what you wrote and double checked regisrtry, its all confusing…VWing was wrecked yeasterday and its on GMC…sorry wasnt meant to confuse you, I thought its that one when i saw it in registry.