Ships stuck in another system

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: they kicked me out , the other says ships in the system
Player(s) with issue: sa-svu
Server: UE
Time (cb:time): 01.02.2018
Playfield: Lawless Home
Structure Name(s): Mini CV , CarryAll , Wendigo
Structure ID(s): 19636393 22433629 23682811
How can we help you now: why they kicked me out , and is it possible to return the ships ?

To help him a bit. He said that he tried to enter the Lawless System and got thrown back to ECC without his ships. He got the message that he cant enter the Orbit because he is the wrong Origin. I spawned him the CarryAll and he tried it again, looks like he lost this ship also there.

I got kicked out of games , I found myself without a ship in sight of the running system , then I tried to take his ship asked for help I gave the Transporter . I came almost sat down, that would fly . and threw me on the starting planet . how to play ? how could I see the warning if I got kicked ?

You were kicked because you are not allowed on Lawless starter as a freelancer. I warped the ships nto Freelancer Cryo space. See your registry and read the guide please.

why not give the possibility to fly ? what to do with the ships ? on account of donation for your work (you did a great server) I’m not against it , but only before cleaning the server . what to do with the ships ? I built 2 of the ship 1 large 2 harvester , spending about 4 hours real time . Donat I’ve studied since I’m in China, I need time to arrange the transfer .

You dont have to donate.
Your ships are in space. you can get them. I warped them out.

There are certain planets restricted to one origin. Freelancer Planets are only for Freelancer, Lawless planets only for lawless. Its a story, has nothing to do with donations.

thanks , I will take into account the next time I am additional careful .

sa-svu you must look up information on f1 and also the connect here on the website. there is a lot of things that you need to learn not only the game but the added things that this server provides. I am in get support on discord if you have any questions or need help. Have you played the game as a single player before you stared on the server?

Yes , I played one I was not invited . And quietly learn the rules . With me it’s 2 people . Have invaded any issues with entering the game after he came out of the starting planet . As a solution I suggested to him to upgrade your PC , but tests need to pull . On other servers it goes where 2-3 people , and early came where 20-30+ . His ping is much better than mine . Now I’m trying to help him get back in the game .

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