Show us/tell us about your SHIPS/BASES/SVS!


Howdy all! I figured i’d make a thread where we can share an discuss ships that we are most proud of! Simple as that!
I’m gonna switch things up as i’m currently in the process of redisigning a ship i’m going to let someone else go first!

I’ll be sure to check in on this thread constantly, i cannot wait to see what other people have made!

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Is it a joke related to the other topic ?

Veterans willing to sell their BPs

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No joke i’n being serious. By share i should express pictures. Sorry i didn’t make that clear. Lemme express that now.

This thread is for pictures not for BPs :slight_smile:
Thanks for clearing that up for me haha!
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Sometimes I check ships around peackeeper’s black market. I hope if the owners read this, they will give us pictures about [DWM] Jewel *** (I don’t remember the full name) capital vessel.


Best ship?

CV is my new ring (sadly is class 4)

SV is hands down the midget, can be easily retooled for multiple purposes, especially useful for going through bases and CVs one block at a time. Not to mention the very short blueprint time needed.


The favorite of my ships. The Avalon-class base-carrier capital Vessel. Class 3 and all you need to survive.

Mine is parked in peacekeeper west, if someone wants a closer look.

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Few ships. Some mine, some not (My in Azimov color-style):

My Base-Craft CV for 4th and 5th version:

6.x ships:

Main ship right now:


Cerberus Version 12: This ship has been a constantly evolving pet project of mine since I inherited the base bp from the friend that introduced me to HWS. That was Version 1. Each time the game meta shifts, I update the cv to better utilize the new mechanics. Version 12 took out the angled whitespacing almost completely, Added in 2 cargo bays, and 2 utility bays for crops, production, or whatever else you might need.
Size: Class 3
Cost in Iron: ~125k
2 Heavy HV bays, 3 utility SV bays, 2 3 slot cargo bays with signaled doors. Internal walkways with access to every device, numbered, labeled, and textured to facilitate repairs. Minimum of 3 layers of armor between the inside of the ship and any exterior wall. Escape pod bay connected to the cockpit, and 3 floors of living space aboard for my own entertainment purposes.

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My single player CV without weapons:

I started to mod and evolve tier1 CV. I upgraded to combat steel, added some thrusters, extra fuel tanks, created a docking pad for hover vessel, added 4 extra container, advanced constructor, spotlight in the front. Replaced the front landing gear to blocks. Removed pink and yellow colors. This is version 1.0:

Not my best ship, but this little project is my favorite atm. Next step I’m planning to add some extra armor and create a second layer. After that I will need bigger thrusters on side, bottom and top.