Silly Question - RP

I’m in a bit of a loop. Unable to use fa:supply as i’ve no rep. No epic assault rifle to warp with to get rep (none on market - POIs already destroyed). I’ve 12 kills 1 death but no RP from that yet. Any suggestions - feel like im missing something very simple.

You might want to chat with members of SoT. They have some kind of loaner program that can help you get past this initial issues.

Note that I am in no Way associated with them nor did I read carefully about their offer. I just know they have a deal to help guys like you.

The intended solution is to raid POI’s for epic weapon drops. But if you play on the PVP server I guess that most POI’s are empty all the time because of too many players, which basically makes it impossible to get one the normal way. Add RNG to that (took me 30ish hours on PVE server to find pistol (raided ~80% of entire universe POI’s solo to find it) and on PVP server that would have taken me a 200+ hours with most being raided already). This imo is not balanced.

However what Nopal said is probably the best way to go about it. 2nd best way is to buy it from the market. They only cost like 90k credits which you can easily make in a day if you know your stuff.

At least I got screenshots of the core location of just about every POI now so that I can just raid a big weapon POI (has 5+ epics) by destroying only like 5-8 blocks. Also feels odd though but that is the way the game works. But this is how big factions I guess perform most raids on POI’s, it’s super fast, safe and profitable this way.
Was hoping for random core locations in POI’s for balance but nope. Like 4 possible locations or something.

Example of one of my screenshots (sorry is blurry one):

Now you can take out a drone base in < 1-2 minutes with a lvl 7 ship. In and out before other players come. With CV you could snipe it in theory without even taking out turrets because devs also didn’t fix/balance that for 5.0. But would not recommend that because if you miss, you may blow up valuable loot.

And then there’s the exploits… Which hopefully nobody uses but on a public server I bet it is used. But then again, Devs don’t play the game the way we do (competitively online multiplayer) so we get obvious imbalances everywhere.

But I hope they will expand on the aliens a bit more so that there is an alternative to PVP as I agree that this is a good direction. But it has a looooong way to go.

I’m looking at customising every poi… Including the standard ones but will a little… Tinkering so in the future all poi will not be easy :wink:

In regards to rep best way currently is

  1. Join a Faction

  2. Check planets (there are still active poi)

  3. Check the missions (Hws forum missions not pda missions) for new spawned missions which always hold loot.

4.explore…trasure boxes…mini missions are constantly spawning. What people don’t know is you have to explore the universe to find them. I will spawn some new poi missions this evening… Wait out for the mission update on the forum :grin:

And of course you need to warp often once you get the epic weapon your chosen origin requires and keep it in your inventory

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