Size Class Restrictions vs CPU Restrictions

I propose an idea for the HWS PvP community.

Remove Size Class restrictions and move to a CPU based limitation system. CPU is already a limiting factor for builders, so why don’t we remove the class restrictions?

Every vessel type is affected by CPU as of now, so why are we still using size class? You can barely make a class 2 PvP tank with the current CPU values, and removing the size class makes it a little easier on the builders. Not having to worry about getting warped 20km out of GG into Nova just for going over a point in Size Class. Same goes for SVs, I’ve yet to see a PvP SV that is higher than class 2 without having hundreds of lights or whatnot.

I’m not proposing CVs on Golden Globe, far too many folks were against that one.

Perhaps the base class restrictions could still be in place to keep the amount of dragon’s teeth and whatnot into a reasonable area.

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Class system still prevents abuse of things like pure shutter ships or glass ships. There’s a ton of abusive game mechanics you could pull off with no class limit. Things like OP4’s invisible tetris mesh could be the least of our concerns then…

It would require too much moderation too to prevent this.

I vote no unconditionally.

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Size class and CPU are 2 very different things.
Size class is a rating of the impact the ship will have on the server and client, CPU is not.

A T2 vessel made completely of blocks is very different to a T2 vessel made completely of lights.
This is why we also use the size class restrictions.

Yeah, perhaps I didn’t fully think of the exploitative ability of it, so I guess we’ll just let this head to the dungeons of HWS.