Size limit vs Block limit


Can you clarify the size limit vs block limit on pvp areas that has block limits (gg and hw). Ive been wondering this couse i know there are block limits even tho the map description dont mention any of those but what the map description mentions is the class limit of size 1 on hv and sv.
Now if i built 5000 block hv, im pretty sure it wont be size1 so how does it really go? Are those both limits applied or is the block count the only one?

Got another guestion about the cv 100 block limit, i would like to see you built a cv under 100 blocks that can warp and still has atleast one layer of blocks as a defence. Can you raise the limit to 200 or 250 to get a decent cv that wont drop on a first shot.

block count or size, whichever you hit first is the limit :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure the 100 block limit for CV’s on GG is specifically so you can’t have a bunch of armor. It’s supposed to be only used as a drop ship to pick up or drop off SV’s and HV’s.

That block limit came about because people used to use CV’s as bullet sponges when assaulting. Now they can’t.

The other option is to go back to only allowing CV’s on planet for one hour per day.
This was the worse option since people have lives and can’t always be around during that one hour.

its 10 times 10 flat surface and its 100 blocks how many bigger hv:s you can fit in that? why give an option to go there with a cv if the size is that low that you hardly can transport anything with it?
You could use few of those still as a bullet sponge, lift them all hovering on top of a enemy base, jump to your sv, unlock it and use the ships console to turn it off, follow the dropping ships, stay further away from the enemy turrets as your cv:s and fire the turrets off from enemy buildings.

So you can have about 12 blocks minimum just to get something that you can pilot that will fly and warp. that leaves you with 88 blocks to do whatever with. sure you can make a big 10x10 platform, but you dont need the entire sv or hv to fit onto the platform. so long as it docks you can use just a 1x88 chain of blocks. use your imagination and think of what part of a cv a sv/hv can dock onto. also, sure a 100 block cv can be somewhat of a sponge more than likely any device that can be targetted by a base will be wiped out fairly quickly due to the limited amount of armor you can put on. you also mentioned turning of power and following the ship down, well on gg the gravity will cause speeds of >200m/s if you start at the top of atmosphere.

I think many answered here already - thanks.

Of course everything can be used to sponge… but we lower the opportunity with 100 blocks to do that in the first place.

The gravity is rather the challenge there…

Well i have to start designing a new hv and forget the block limit couse i will never hit 5k blocks and still be at size 1. Thanks for the answere. Didnt get much from it tho.

5k blocks on an hv is very easy to hit with size one. I think 7.5 there were a few upwards of 8k and larger