Small idea for devs


In the faction list when you alliance with some other faction a tick comes up next to their faction to let you know that you are in alliance with them. But nothing comes up if they refuse to alliance with another faction and so for example you send a lot of alliances request out and maybe 3-4 weeks later you do the same and they have already refused you would still not know that they are the enemies wouldn’t it is good idea to put a x next to the factions that have refused your alliance that way you can also see who you have not sent the request out to and know who not to and know who to look out for in pvp.


Id like to expand on that idea with one more: currently if you send an alliance request to a faction that is not online, or they go offline before accepting, the request is lost and indistinguishable from being rejected. In my experience, most of the time this is what causes alot of the lack of alliances among what should be friendly factions. Is there any way that alliance requests can be cached server-side so that when the recipent comes back online they can see that the alliance was requested, and have the option of accepting?

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And limit the number of alliances allowed.

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Ya I dont see that ever being a good thing, particularly on a large server like HWS.


Where you hiding nowadays? Much of the old guard has disappeared…