So I got the coolest reward at TEAM

I requested the level Certificate level 2 reward at T.E.A.M “Epic Radiation Boost” and I got something way more fantastic! If this was real life this Ultra Rare Item would be worth millions as it can’t exist haha.

If possible I would like the intended item.

Image - EVG Suit
Name - TransportationBoost
Description - Armor Boost
Stats - Max. Speed and Jetpack Usage only

Stats: Volume Capacity: 10.0 MSU
well, with your epic heavy armour you can carry up to 4M in volume = few stacks of blocks/raw pentaxid…with normal heavy armour and 4 of these slotted in you can carry 44M in volume = lots of stacks :slight_smile: …but the trade-off is, you can’t move, your speed is practically zero and you can only bunny jump around with jetpack :smiley:

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Didn’t even see that so in zero-g I am boss then lol

So I did not realize however I posted this in the wrong place. Made a correct ticket for it now. My bad still learning.