So Long and Thanks for All The Fish

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to quit playing on HWS. I’ve been playing here off and on for the last 4 years and have had tons of fun, made lots of good friends. However since @RexXxuS has already written me off as having quit the server then who am I to prove him wrong? I guess he figured I’m some kind of idiot that would continue paying $70/mo to a server I had quit. Well I’m not an idiot so I decided to rectify that inequity by canceling my patreon and leaving the server. Again, thanks everybody for all the fun and hope you all the best in your adventures.

Sorry to hear.
For the record I did not written you off and I would never insult someone like that!
The quote is here:

“I’ve heard”, because someone sent me this
In the end no hard feelings from me and thanks for your support.
Take care and all the best.



Take Care SimplePiMan,

HWS will be here should you wish to return in the distant future. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Everybody, for the record that chat he quoted was on a different server. So @RexXxuS, are you now spying on your players? Are they not allowed to take a break from HWS to play on other servers? This is beyond reprehensible. Watch your backs everybody, if you vent to your cat about HWS rexxxus might be listening in at your window. Also, the keyword in what I said was break. I was taking a BREAK from HWS there, last I checked that isn’t quiting.

Until this point I was missing HWS and wished there was a way for me to continue to play but if playing on HWS means rexxxus is going to have his gustapo watching your everymove then I want no part in it and I suggest everybody else do likewise.

You will be missed PiMan! You were one of my favorites and I only have 1 favorite.

Just a FYI to others, in game faction and alliance chat are monitored as well.

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thanks, we can still have fun on that other server even if Rex will be peeping on us from behind a bush.

you can add the following to the ist of things possibly being monitored:

Daily caloric intake
text messages
phone calls
bowel movements
sleep schedule

of course this is being monitored. this is a private server after all. the owner chooses to make it publicly accessable. it is foolish to think anything done here is not logged in one way or another. logs can be accessed and reviewed at any time. freedom of speech does not apply in a private environment as this. would be best to keep private conversations outside of the server mechanics if you do not want things heard and potentially broadcasted.

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I think you missed a key point here. The chat he quoted was from a different non-HWS server. Thus I think it is absolutely reasonable that anything I do or say on that server has no place in official discussions from staff/owner here.

no the point was quite clear and not missed at all. i quoted @0z referring to the in game faction and alliance chats. someone sharing private messages on another private discord server cannot be blamed on the one who received them. no idea what is hoped to be gained by this topic, but good luck in your endeavors. we really do hope to see the mercialago fly again one day :frowning:

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ok, and for the record I am not blaming him for getting the screenshot, what I AM blaming him for is using that screenshot as part of his official messaging as server owner. Obviously he can’t stop people from sending him screenshots, but what should be done is that if those screenshots are from outside of the HWS domain (servers,discord,forums,website) then they should have no baring on his decisions. He took the screenshot and used it to assume I quit HWS, he then made public statements based on that conclusion and then finally he publicly shared said screenshot. All of this makes him complicit in the gathering of that screenshot. Had he ignored it then obviously this discussion wouldn’t even be happening.

Sounds like this needs to be a discussion for a PM rather than making it worse in public. the game of 1ups never goes well for everyone involved :frowning:

Personally I think Rex used it to try to explain his position and his reasoning to you, i don’t think he was using it to belittle you. But we may just have to agree to disagree here.

After all, Rex was challenged on the idea that you had left the server, therefore Rex presented that to explore why he felt that. But I can’t speak for Rex, either way I think everything has escalated here and best for us to remember we’re all human, and that text communication in particular is prone to misunderstandings. :slight_smile:

Wishing everyone here all the best,


no, this most definitely needs to be public because if Rexxxus is willing to use evidence from outside of HWS for making decisions then everybody needs to be fairly worned so they can act accordingly to protect themselves from unjust actions based on things done and said outside of HWS.

no excuse of misunderstand works here. He posted that screenshot and that is the thing I have the biggest problem with. That screenshot has no place on this forum. Where does it stop? If someone sends him a vidoe of me talking in my house about HWS is he going to post that too?

to be quite honest, no there is zero need for this to be public at all. you have posted 3 separate posts of a soap boxing sort that have not seemed to be anything in a productive manor. There are obviously heated emotions from all sides. I do suggest we all take a break, do the drug of choice and relax before this gets any worse for us all. We can come back and smack up some legos after we forget why we were upset in the first place. This is just a video game after all. it is meant as an escape form the torment of life. Collect your thoughts have invite all parties involved to a private discussion if needed.

It was simply a statement to inform people that did not know. We are all well aware this is a privately owned server. You say “of course” like this obvious to everyone. Some people may think faction/alliance chat is safe, I am informing them it is not.

Oh my.

We all know you used Patreon - since ever - as demand and threat against me. You canceled your Patreon membership not the first time. Always as affect decision.
This time it was the greed about that bugged MACorp NPC Trader.

What a presentation is that even? You know yourself that Patreon charges at the start of the month. It is middle of July. So you act as you were on the trigger here? No, it’s again your cancel threat to force a reaction from me, like last time.
What you basically tried to say here is that I’m an idiot. I got you.

Now you slander me in spying? Even though I cleary said someone else sent it to me?
And I said I don’t really care and you or others can type what ever they want where ever. I have tons of haters and guys slandering around and spreading lies. I don’t care anymore.
And I am capable of reading. A break is fine. No hard feelings, I said. Do what you want.
I just referenced your words, because you yet again threatened to cancel Patreon because of… ehm… in fact no reason at all… whatever. I never told you to leave. You make it all up yourself again.
Your reaction here proofs it even. Maybe you are ashamed of what you wrote or ah whatever.

But in your typical sarcastic ironic way you insult me, label me as Nazi and even say that I am a Stalker

Which is illegale and… disgusting? You dare to insult me like that?
How pathetic and rude are you?? You lost all of my respect!
Get out of here and come never back again!