So pirates

Do you exist? I’ve heard that only one trader has been harassed by players so far, and they’re a lawless faction. I have a few faction members itching to do combat, but sadly there’s not much combat to be had on the server. If you can at least attack something so we know where to shoot you at lol

I agree fenra the server does seem to be lacking action At the moment, time to release captain Hobo beard to the server? :smiling_imp:

Evidently one of our former members went pirate, although he attempted to do so by shooting a guy helping him in the back (not a great start lol). It should be noted that Lawgiver is a pirate, although atm he his facitonless so, perhaps someone would want to take him in the ways of yarr?

One question I don’t mind having a pirate faction if it makes life a bit more interesting, but what are the laws/rules of engagement for a pirate? Section pirates.

Yeah I have read the story a few times, but say for example I see a CV in a pvp zone am I allowed to just attack or do I have to declare it? Want to make sure it’s kept within the boundaries of fun rather upsetting people. Also I am in the process of building a Base CV so I can do away with my BA

I was never a fan of declaring war. You can attack yes. Just follow the guidelines then.