So what happens if

Currently, me and my buddies are preparing to leave the start system. Building a CV that will be armed and also big enough to carry materials to construct, probably, both a space station and a planet side base. We kind of got our heads wrapped around what the rules are, how certain systems alternate between PvP and PvE during parts of the week.

My friend posed this question to me and I was also curious. What happens if like all your bases get wiped out, your CV gets wiped out and you have nothing. You don’t have anything to gather resources, you have nothing to build with and the only real option is to reset your character and go back to the starting planet.

I tried looking to see if, if you get raided, and you lose everything what can you do to survive.and rebuild. From what I can tell, there really isn’t anything you can do, unless someone comes by, gives you tools, resources, either a mobile constructor or a base, you can’t do anything. And the only real option is to reset.

I’m use to games like these, I play a lot of em. I raid and get raided and starting over is just the norm, but in the game there is always a way to rebuild like, punching trees for wood or spawning with a basic tool to get going.

No but seriously, I recommend keeping a stash of gear in more than one location. A simple survival cv with kit and resources to get going again, in deep space of a random system. Also OCD your survival constructor

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Don’t forget your factory aswell (F2) you can store a few Cv’s Sv’s And what not in there press fresh start insta spawn these things get some fuel and be on your way again. P.S. Fresh start doesn’t start you from lvl 1 again you will still be maxed level.

OHHH i didnt know that. So if you fresh start, it gives you the starting equipment (t1 drill, chainsaw, mobile constructor, etc) well thats a good tid bit of information

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Correct – but you go back to your starter planet – Either a district or Origin if you paid to change your starter planet via EGS.

You and your buddies will most likely die horribly over and over while watching someone
take all your stuff. Here some advice. I’m assuming you have 3 or more in your group and
you appreciate blunt honesty.

  1. Start or Join a Faction.

  2. Scrap your CV or someone else will. Add that scrap to the construction of a CV designed
    keep your loot safe. Well armored cargo hauler. The rest should be PvP CVs that escort your
    cargo CV.

  3. Scout out the server. If a planet is empty most likely its for a reason. Not many Factions can
    keep a BA safe in PvP areas. If veteran factions cant what chance do you have?

  4. Deep Space is your friend. Not 100% safe so have a few stashes spread out. Keep it minimal.
    Once you have your Stash BA network a catastrophic defeat is only a minor setback

  5. Keep your Cargo CV where its safe. Only expose it to relocate. The route should be scouted
    and Cargo CV escorted. better to lose a escort or two than the Cargo CV.

  6. If you remain your own faction take care with whom you align yourselves. You don’t want to get
    caught up in a Player Faction War before you’re ready.

  7. This server has a few pvp anglers. If it looks like bait it is.

    Good Luck !!!

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