Soldatwehr Alliance is recruiting

Hello everyone!
The SWA is looking for new recruits to fill its ranks on the NA server. We provide escorts for the traders who request it and patrol where needed. If interested you can find me on Discord (Bundes) by sending me a message or just leave your comment here! Hope to hear from you soon!

This is good news.

There’s been pirates prowling trader and even alliance homeworlds. It will be good when they finally get some protection.

Best of luck.

+1 for more Alliance mates.

Mord…couldn’t we handle this without the fuzz? :wink:

Seriously - I just want a CV fight.

I’ve been in creative the last few days building new boats from the ground up…last on my list is a new cv…be careful about what you wish for sir…

Time and place. I’m not kidding. I want an actual CV fight.

Do I see a threesome in someones future? Seriously I think we just ganked someones thread…

So business as usual for you?

Of course, but you’re here as well Mord!


Like what I did to your momma! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

very rude

But she loved it X…or are you referring to us jacking this tgread?

You can’t give it to people. As it is well established, x gon give it to ya

Lol! X smoked crack with me once

Which X are you talking about? Neither would surprise me.

Good to see an alliance faction active in NA, if you’re around I’ll give some help if I can.