Solo Play Eliminated?

So i just wanted to point out, i enjoy playing solo allows me to come and go as i please and know what i have will be there when i come back(if not found by pirates) its challenging :slight_smile: unfortunetly 2 major changes to the game in the latest update has made this pretty much impossible…Being solo when i go down to a planet to collect resources in pvp areas i run the risk of getting killed… Before the update i had 2 options after being killed and stripped of all basic needed equipement by raiders. Option 1 spawn a prebuilt factory blueprint to get me back out into space now i swear they use to spawn with a bit of fuel in them to get u going but even if my memory is incorrect u could buy some fuel off the market no matter where u were. The last resort option if u had no money and no Blueprints rdy to spawn u could fresh start back to the starter planet and spawn with the starter equipement to get u going again.

Now Since the latest update both of these options seem to of been eliminated…
I can still spawn in a prebuilt ship after getting killed but unless my attackers were nice enough to leave me a drill and constructor or a few fuel i have no way to power the ship up it spawns completely dead and without being able to get into space to the tradepost i cant even buy fuel form market or get to OCD

So then to option 2 … i can still fresh start which sends me back to starter planet but u no longer spawn with any basic tools on a fresh start!!! so that option is pretty much pointless. The only option im left with is to do a reset in which case i lose all stored resources in my factory and all my accumlated skill lvls… not really a viable option…

SO please if theres some avenue im missing please tell me.,…2 possible fixes for this imo would be to reimplement basic tools to the fresh start and add a few fuel to ship factory spawns or maybe an option to revive at the trading post.

any sugggestions are appreciated. recently logged in to me floating in space as my cv must of been found…luckily i had a drill and some fuel on me to get going otherwise id be screwed atm,…but its probably only a mater of time…

and thinking about it any newb that gets killed on pvp starter planet and gets stripped clean will have to reset making it very hard to get going if its busy…


Some players were editing ammo/fuel pools of their BP to cheat, the best solution would be to be able to spawn in a trading station.

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Just make base or cv that is your main base and stick the option home in registry, so when you die you have choose to spawn there. Never ever use only one CV with everything on it. spread ships and bases many key places and be sure to hide them far in deep space and be sure to have at least main base allways powered, Use different ships for different tasks. And allways use HWS server great additions orbit cargo and auto miner. Allways when moving in pvp area be ready for contact, if its mining, fighting, etc, use correct ship and leave other hiding and allways keep only mimimum needed stuff and materials with you and all other spread to your main and other key bases and cv:s.
When your mining you are vulnerable so use only very cheap ships for mining purposes, be sure so that nothing is left for attackers, If you follow this, many times attacker will lose much more in ammo than it gains for looting your remnants. Also remember allways after jump to fill your warp tank if you have to flee fast.

In fight, if you are solo never fight if theres more ships against than one similar sized. in this game, there aint tactics or talents needed on fight at all, only brute force wins. And also dont even tryid to fight if you dont have correct ship on that purpose, so in cheap mining vessel flee and warp is best choice.

Solo is really a hardcore , beeing in big faction and coming for force, is most easiest way, IMO that dont need any kind off expertize. So totally hardcore badass survival heroes is solo guys. I salute you


Unfortunately if you move a few jumps away from your home it’ll be grayed out for some reason :confused:

Ways to counter as a player:
Fresh start is pretty much the only way, just make sure to store lots of T2 drills/drill charges bars of each metal, power cells and penta in your ocd as penta collecting on starter planets is horrible, although getting your blue crystal auto miner up will help a lot in this regard.

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oh then its really bad, as cb:reset / restart only works every 3 hours

No only every 12 hours to minimize exploits.

ok. Theres still 3 hours information in guide

Oh. thanks

to get you on right place in guide, the wrong information is in chatbot command section in wep page guide.

You can spawn at home in different systems. It is the moving that is the issue. Just hit the set to home after you put it somewhere and it will work. OR set it to a minimal deep space base with a cargo box and a clone bay.

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yes and it seems to reset if spawned there so remember to check it again, after every spawn

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Thanks for all the advice guys! i have since figured out the OCD and see it comes in very handy if a fresh start is needed. getting it stocked with drills and fuel! id love to have multiple Cv’s but thats pricey the main ones i build tend to be heavily armored and takes me a long time to collect resources for unless i get lucky on a good raid… but i see the advantage! had a very nice guy give me a warp ride back to my cv after my first fresh start post 5.0 thank you sir! seems to me after any death and respawn i have to go back and rehome my cv and that problem seems to be fixed… slowly making headway! as for the deep space base situation whats a fair distance out to go? on other servers i played ur ship would be removed once u were out of the main map visibility so i have been leary about goign too far and thats probably why my cv was found and destroyed… thanks again for the help guys i may have a butt load of hours in but this game has a slow learning curve atleast for me lol

Deep space is ok, and encouraged. You are not “safe” inside of 50 km from planet. Statistics and all that.

more than 30km will usualy last a few weeks unless its a very active system.

alrighty good to know :slight_smile:

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