[SOLVED] Multiple EAH instances on same dedicated server

Hi folks,

I am trying to use EAH for 2 separate Empyrion servers running on the same box. From my fiddling around I am guessing my troubles are to do with the API port.

Is there a way to have the empyrion api port change so I can run 2 instances on same machine? Changing ports in the EAH tool itself just results in no connection so I am guessing that is just to let the tool know where to go to connect.

Any hints/ideas welcome.


yes you could do that. But you have to change the API port also in the mod.
Go to …\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Mods\EPM and look at the config.txt
Just change the line: Port:12345 to whatever port you want (same as in the corresponding EAH tool.

Then restart the server (game), to make the change take affect and restart also the tool. That should be all.

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Thank you so much! I hunted for that little file for so many hours!

ty ty.