Some Idea's

1: What do you think of rewarding people who make things a little more difficult for them selves and what I mean by this is:

+1Rp per day that you don’t take anything out of OCD (not faction restricted)

This will help people who are struggling to leave starter by allowing them to use Fa:supply on day 2, will be especially helpful for factions that require kills to gain any rp. So a boost for early game but a bit of a restraint for mid/late game.

2: Is there anyway for only traders / guardians to be allied at start (With a alliance lock so Traders and Guardians cannot un-ally.), I’v tried guardian for awhile now and its a nightmare because you cannot see who you are attacking, I feel there will be little to no guardians next patch and those who are will be making forum posts more regularly xD. Having Guardians and Traders all allied to each other will balance out the beginner players a bit vs the more hardcore hunter/pirate/freelancer players as the beginners will have mass amounts of people (Safety in numbers.)

I know that nothing is stopping them from creating these alliances themselves, but beginners don’t usually know this and by the time they realize its too late and they have already either killed or been killed by another trader/guardian and have lost everything or become guilty and about to loose everything. 80% of people who are new to the game are going to choose easy start which is trader or guardian xD so this might help with new players a bit and I’m sure pirates/freelancer/hunter will not mind having the extra difficulty of facing hordes of new players instead of picking them off one by one.

I know its end of season so obviously i’m not asking for this to be implemented anytime soon, just a suggestion moving forward, Thanks.

I have already reworked the start and I think it will be very cool.
Interesting idea though playing more with the OCD. Will think about it.

Technically not possible, sorry.
I think as soon as the radar features is coming that won’t be a problem anymore since I don’t see a good way on our side to solve this “issue”. However I don’t think that only because of that the Guardian origin is useless rather than your playstyle or other ones just don’t fit to them.

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OCD isn’t a problem for the beginners, especially on starter planets as no one has access to their ocd’s. further, more advance players just need to pull resources on day one after leaving starter, build a base and empty their OCD and not need to touch it again. This allows them to save up those free RP points each day, while new players struggle to adapt to the servers tactics of game play.

If you want to make gameplay easier for the new players, stop making changes. This server is fast becoming like old ladies who cannot leave something minor alone, and end up messing up the rabbit ears on the TV, losing completely, the television channel they were watching through a light distortion.

If you want to help people, who are struggling to leave starter it would make more sense to me to give them 1 RP on the 6th day, because on the 7th the individual wipe will occur and they might probably lose structures. I would not say, that someone who stays on starter until the 2nd day is struggling to leave it, but on the 6th day I would agree…
On the other hand, are you really struggling when you can build structures? Maybe in some circumstances, but probably not. And your inventory won’t be wiped any way, so there isn’t a problem with that…

One RP for not taking things out of your OCD could also mean a nearly passive RP gain for everyone, when not logging in on days where you don’t have the time to play. So it would reward inactivity and we probably don’t want that.
If you need to log in to make it count, people would probably log in and log out quickly, in order to qualify for the bonus.
I also think that RP gains are nice now, so we don’t need more changes, but I might be wrong.
One more thing: Giving RP on starters means to give more reasons for people to stay on starter. But we want people to leave it quickly for several reasons…

The basic idea is not bad, but it needs to be more thought-out.
(EDIT: The whole idea makes much more sense on the pirate planet, since this a difficult PvP planet, especially in the first days after the wipe it will be crowded again.)

I agree that this would be awesome. As a guardian or trader I need to identify everyone’s faction before I can attack or defend myself on a PvP playfield. I need to do that beacause I would become guilty if I accicently kill a trader or guardian. While finding out which faction you are facing, a pirate, hunter or freelancer could already start to attack your ship, because he won’t get any instant penalty for killing a player of another origin.
So for gameplay reasons, and if you are much into PvP, it’s not nice to be a trader or guardian right now.

I hope it will be possible someday, because I really like the origins. As long as it does not work I would suggest that a trader or guardian needs to kill another trader or guardian 2 or 3 times before he gets guilty. Like the 10 times (or was it 5?) a guardian player needs to be killed by the same player to make him guilty. Maybe make it 2 times and reset the counter every 2 weeks? Not sure what’s best.

I missed out something here. Rexxxus, I believe you have another great idea coming, but right now I could not find any info about this… :thinking:

@RexXxuS will Hunter still be an option with 7 and if so will getting RP be easier?