Some questions that I couldn't find the answers to

I’ll probably add more to these as I encounter them. I’ve tried to ask on the global chat. I don’t really know how discord works so I haven’t asked there yet. Is there a discord guide?

EGS Recycle, does this only work on structures owned by you? Faction? Private? Can I kill the core in an alien POI then recycle it? Did that bug ever get fixed where if you destroy every block of a POI it doesn’t respawn?

For the donation NPC traders. Can you still not buy your own packages, even though you only get 50% of the money from the price? I’m not arguing for or against, just want to know before I decide to get one, as it will have an impact on what items I have put into it.

I know I had more questions, but I seem to have forgotten them at the moment. Will add them as I remember or encounter. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

egs recycle — you must ‘own’ structure; can be private or faction you are in

From what Ive read, all blocks destroyed and poi does not respawn bug still exists

Only egs recycle 5 can be used outside of rgs recycle zone

Check the guide – believe it may say cant buy from your on npc trader. Or, check info on donattion page.

If I wanted to give an item to another player, how would I do that? Is there a trade function?

Send an item directly in the inventory of another player throughout the whole Universe?
While some servers have this function I believe, I don’t like it because of exploit possibilities. One is standing in PvE at a constructor and the other mate is on PvP, getting everything nicely easy.

We would need some exploit protections first.

For now you can put it in the HWS Marketplace, which is accessible for everyone though.
(not even talking about just dropping your items to the ground in front of the other player…)

I meant more like if you were standing right next to another person. Dropping works if there aren’t other people around to scoop up the item I suppose. I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me when I asked the question.

Setup a transfer cargo box and put on a lockcode. Share lockcode with other player