Space Hobo Challenges

What is a game without beggars?

Gain 80RP (Take screen shots before you start the challenge)

Must be a freelancer.
Cannot be in a faction.
No Crafting at all.
You are not allowed to own any BA, CV, SV or HV
You are not allowed to have more than 1000 Credits in your wallet. (You are allowed EB:payin:XXXX but not EB:payout:XXXX)
No OCD Access
You cannot hitch a ride with the same player more than once (post a screen shot of the player that helped you.)
You cannot receive a donation from the same more than once (post a screen shot of the player that helped you.)


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Maybe drop the RP required down a bit. As a space hobo you will be dying a lot and every 10 deaths is a loss of 1 RP.

Maybe have a Discord channel where all hobos can post their adventures around the galaxy and thank those who helped them out.

Are you going to be running a competitive challenge where you all start at a similar time? Or will it just be something that players do for shiggles?

and how you going to earn that RP, if you cant own CV :smiley:
hitchhiking ?

from guide:
The smart discoverer - the imperturbable Freelancer

+3 RP for one warp per day"

You catch a ride with someone…I do not know of any hobos that owning cars… You don’t need to be the one warping or has that changed?

As long as you have an epic, I am sure that I have done it in the past as a passenger and gotten RP. Perhaps an admin can confirm it