Spawn bug exploit


So my problem in that clan PPP uses a spawn bug and exploits it.

Player Zamah appeared in my base in space, fully geared and tracked it for friends and then they came with big CV.

I was lucky that I came back in time, and i fought back

But what a heck is the any method to be protected from that!?

By the way there is no any clone chambers and medic stations was on my base.

sadly we dont know yet when this happens. But we never heard it happening without a medicbay/clone chamber. strange.
The base was in deep space then or?
If you wish write us more details via pm if you dont want to share them here.

Jascha this can still easily happen, but not on demand. It is the old bug where you change playfield and your ship appears to be invisible, and the map doesnt seem quite right. What it does is teleport your character to a similar location inside of some other ship in the playfield you just entered. Has happened to me almost half a dozen times. And removing med bays unfortunately does nothing to prevent it from happening. The only thing you can do is point to previous statements and say that if there is just a random intruder log entry coinciding with a warp, etc., and then that deep space base gets hit, they are exploiting this bug. It sucks, but morally the right thing to do is leave your pack out there if you cant get hold of an admin in time.

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