Spawn HV in Space

Propose to add the possibility of creating a HV in space.
Some people prefer to live in space, but for the extraction of wood for example, it is advisable to use HV.
But for this need to fly to the planet and put HV there. Or create it from parts.
HV in space flies perfectly along X, Y - which makes a relatively convenient docking to transport possible.
At HV in space weapons do not work, which will not give advantages.


I would say yes, but waaaay to many people in the past have problems as it is docking an HV in space. Alternatively the devs could make it so gravity generators (like a pad in space) would affect HVs for proper mobility, but have my doubts that will happen.

Docking in space is not a big problem, you only need to put the ship for docking exactly - relative to the tank.

The gravity generator is probably better not to use.
Now the tank is ignoring the gravity generator in space.
But if the GG will give an effect on the tank, then falling from the base the tank will gain speed along the coordinate Z.
The problem is that a NORMAL tank cannot move along the Z coordinate in space, only X and Y

Sorry I’m relatively new. Can you rephrase?

My english is bad, sorry.
What exactly interests you - the process of docking in space or the problem of the Z coordinates for tanks?


HV in space can be docked to ships and bases.
HV in space can fly left, right, forward and backward at a speed of ~ 50, which makes docking very easy.
You just need to go the ship and dock it.
If the vessel is lower, higher or in a different plane from the HV, then it is necessary to bring the vessel itself to the HV and again sit at the helm of the HV and wait for the docking signal.

But the HV cannot fly to the coordinate Z because the engines do not stand on it up and down.
The gravity generator has a zone around it, and if the HV, for example, falls from the platform of the space base, it will accelerate in energy, going beyond the zone of operation of the gravity generator, the HV will still fly and slow down very slowly.
Because there is nothing to quench speed (there are no engines from down), and the game does not allow to exit the ships until it stops.
You can fly veeeeeeeeeeeery far from the base, before the HV stops and allows the player to leave the cockpit.

This why gravity generator not very good idea, now gravity generator not give effect on tank in space and this good.

On any ship in space, press and hold the O key - your ship will align in coordinates.
After alignment: forward, backward, left and right, these will be the X and Y coordinates.
And the increase or decrease in height is the coordinate Z.

HV uses coordinates relative to itself, but the principle is the same.

ps. Now all ok, just you cant create new HV in space and this sad :slight_smile:

I tried this and didn’t work. I put 30 landing gear thingys on the bottom and back and couldn’t go down. Now I am 136km away from CV. I will use jet pack now and go back for it and try again.

Suggestions to fix? More generators for docking thingys?