Spawned a CS ship and gone after 1 second


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hey i spawned a CS ship it showed for 1 second and now its gone not even showing on the map is there anyway an admin can help me with this please.


Not atleast if you dont fill the ticket properly. Time, server, structure name, id etc… basicly anything that could help solve it makes it easier to help.


What happened: Ship only stayed for 1 second now gone

Player(s) with issue: Fullyloaded

**Server:**HWS NA

Time (cb:time): 12 jan 4:01 around

Playfield: Eden

Structure Name(s): cv_prefab_tier2c

**Structure ID(s):**cant see id ship can’t be found

How can we help you now: would love to have the ship back when i spawned it it was there for 1 second then it was gone cant see it on the map or in the reg but if the admin look server side they will see i spawned a ship.


Did you try to relog?


Yes i logged tried 3 times :frowning:


Lets hope it spawns in after the 09am restart then :blush:


nothing server just restarted and still didnt show up is there an admin that cn look into this?



sadly thats an old game bug. We can’t do much about it :frowning:

See here for more information how to prevent it next time:


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