Spawned at someones base - Resolved

I just warped back to elemental planets from the alienworld orbit, and found about a dozen SSP ships and bases around us (there were three of us on the ship. My ship showede invisible, no fire happened, but when I got out of the seat, I was inside my now fully visible ship, and could not access anyone, it said no core present. There was no damage to my ship that I could see. Screenshiots to follow, we are still trying to figure this out
, but if we could get admin help that would be great

Correction, it was not the pirates fault. we warped in about 50 km away from our ship, in the middle of a cluster of ships

OK. So. What had happened was… We warped in, and somehow rather than appearing in our ship, appeared inside theirs. One of my guys survived the initial confusion, and tried to pop the core in order to escape, as the pirate ship turrets killed us immediately while we were trying to figure out what was happening. Eventually got everything sorted, but somewhere out there is a sad husk of a pirate ship. But to be fair it was all base steel blocks, and we did not go looking for it by any means.

lmao but but pirates don’t camp warp-ins lol