Spawned Blueprint Disappeared

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What happened: Spawned blueprint of CV in Freelancer HQ space and it vanished right after
Player(s) with issue: Just me
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): November 12, 2017 05:20
Playfield: Freelancer HQ Space
Structure Name(s): NDC3 - Sole Survivor
Structure ID(s): No idea it vanished
How can we help you now: Re-spawn the BP for me? I dont have materials to make another…

Blueprint was spawned on Base “Public Spawn Pad” with ID: 6030549

Blueprint that was spawned is shown below

Have you tried to quit and restart the game and is still showing in your registry? Also please try checking structure commander and let me know if you find the id or name for it. Add me on steam.

Did you try this workaround after it happened?

I see what I can do

Yes i spawned a small BP called Dummy by it although it was a BA and not CV but it didn’t show up. I did re-log and restart game and the item does not show up in structure manager.

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